Direct, Rubber Tire Drive, and Non-weight transfer AAR Coupling

Discover Shuttlewagon's System of Moving Railcars

Drive into Our Industry Standard Locomotive Style AAR Coupler and Connect the Air Hose – You are Done!

No lifting on the railcars to borrow weight.
No double coupling required to maximize tractive effort.
No reduction in pulling capacity when coupled to an empty car.

Shuttlewagon - non weight-transfer coupler - mobile railcar movers
Shuttlewagon Mobile Railcar Movers

Non Weight- Transfer Coupler

  • Direct coupling like a locomotive
  • Takes the guess work out of lifting the railcar too high
  • Consistent capacity, same whether coupled to loads or empties
  • Simplified process – Easier on/off of the rail
  • Reduced maintenance costs
NVX8040 Shuttlewagon Fairmont Minerals OK

Full of Standard Features

  • Largest Power & Drivetrain in the Industry (NVX)
  • Exterior Mounted Cameras and Cab Monitor to View Couplers & Rail wheels (NVX)
  • “Air-Knife” Adverse Weather Rail Drying System
  • ABS Vehicle Braking System
  • Dynamic Traction Control to Control Operator Misuse
  • Full Width Cab with Rotating Operator Console for Improved Safety & Visibility
  • Two Air Ride Operator Seats
  • 90 Gallon Fuel Tank
Shuttlewagon Mobile Railcar Movers - Rubber Tires - technology and innovation

Ride on Rubber Tires

  • Full time pneumatic cushioning
  • Increased shock absorption resulting in smoother ride for operator & drivetrain components
  • Reduced overall maintenance costs
  • Significantly increased traction/braking as compared to steel wheel

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