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Shuttlewagon, a pioneer in the mobile railcar mover industry, has been at the forefront of innovation and development since its inception in 1967. Starting with a modified Dodge Power Wagon, the company has continually evolved, expanding its product line and capabilities to become a leader in the field. Significant milestones include the major design overhaul in 1983, the introduction of Can-bus electronics in 2005, and the launch of the powerful SWX840 in 2011, which set new standards with its 60,000lbs tractive effort. A hallmark achievement was the introduction of North America’s first All-Electric Lithium-Ion mobile railcar mover in 2016, demonstrating Shuttlewagon’s commitment to eco-friendly innovation.

In April 2021, Shuttlewagon joined the Wabtec family, a global leader in the rail sector with a history spanning over 150 years. This strategic alliance has bolstered our capabilities, aligning Shuttlewagon’s pioneering spirit with Wabtec’s extensive experience in sustainability and efficiency in rail transportation. Wabtec, known for manufacturing advanced locomotives, is committed to developing sustainable solutions, as evidenced by its world’s first battery-electric freight locomotive and its efforts to reduce emissions and energy consumption across its product lines.

As part of Wabtec, we are poised to deliver enhanced value to our customers and shareholders, driving towards a more sustainable and efficient future in rail transportation. Our journey, driven by a commitment to innovation and tailored solutions for our customers, persists as we steadfastly maintain our objective: to make innovation our unwavering focus.