The New Frontier

Efficient • Economical • Environmental

Discover the New Frontier in Railcar Moving Technology

The SWXe is our compact, all-electric answer to the challenges of modern rail operations. Powered by either lead-acid or optional pure lead-acid batteries, the SWXe lineup offers unmatched versatility and efficiency. With this addition to our extensive portfolio, Shuttlewagon now proudly offers more Diesel and Electric railcar movers than any other company in the industry.

Comprehensive Range of Tractive Effort

Tractive effort up to 32,000 pounds.

Whatever your needs, the SWXe lineup has got you covered. With tractive effort ranging from as low as 1,125 pounds to as high as 32,000 pounds, this compact electric series is versatile enough to handle even the most demanding applications.

Unbeatable Low Operating Costs

Efficient • Economical • Environmental

Electric railcar movers like the SWXe are dramatically cheaper to fuel than their diesel counterparts. This results in exceptionally low operating costs, making it a financially smart choice in addition to being environmentally friendly.

Unparalleled Performance: Instant Torque

Incredibly responsive.

When it comes to performance, the SWXe’s electric engine has a significant edge over traditional internal combustion engines. Electric motors generate instant torque, providing a more responsive and efficient operation. Unlike diesel engines, which have a curve of torque that increases in tandem with engine revolutions per minute, the SWXe offers instant power when you need it.

Reduced Noise and Vibrations

Quiet, smooth operator.

The SWXe-Series is not just powerful, it’s also quiet. Electric motors naturally generate far less noise than diesel engines. This results in a more comfortable operational environment, free from the loud engine noise and vibrations commonly associated with diesel machines. Experience the ease of a quieter, smoother operation with the SWXe-Series.

Easy to Operate and Low Maintenance

Compact • Powerful • Efficient

The SWXe-Series is designed for ease of use, requiring minimal training to operate efficiently. Additionally, the electric powertrain reduces the need for complex and frequent maintenance, allowing you to focus on your core operations rather than upkeep.

Additional Features

  • Compact Design
    The SWXe is our compact series, allowing for flexibility when sizing the machine to fit the job.
  • Optional Pure Lead Acid Batteries
    For even more efficiency and durability, opt for our pure lead acid battery configuration.

Choose the SWXe Series: Compact, Powerful, and Environmentally Responsible

The Shuttlewagon SWXe-Series offers a unique blend of power, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. As the most versatile provider of both Diesel and Electric railcar movers, we invite you to experience the future of rail operations with us. For more information or to request a demo, please contact us.

Grant Proposal Assistance

Unlock Funding for Your Electric Shuttlewagon Railcar Mover

At Shuttlewagon, we don’t just provide innovative railcar movers; we also offer comprehensive support to help you achieve your sustainability objectives. We understand that transitioning to an environmentally friendly operation can be a significant investment. Shuttlewagon, a subdivision of Wabtec Corporation, can leverage our experts to assist your company with grant proposals for funding support.

Why Seek a Grant for Your Electric Shuttlewagon?

  • Accelerate Your Sustainability Initiatives
    Grants can significantly reduce the initial investment required for an electric railcar mover, making it easier to transition towards more sustainable operations. Acquiring an electric Shuttlewagon is not just an environmentally responsible choice, it also offers remarkable long-term economic benefits such as reduced fuel costs and lower maintenance expenses.
  • Showcase Corporate Responsibility
     Grants for sustainability projects are often highly publicized, providing an excellent opportunity for your company to be recognized as a leader in environmental stewardship. The positive publicity can enhance your brand image and attract like-minded customers and partners.

How We Can Help

  • Expert Consultation and Proposal Development
    Our team of grant proposal experts will work closely with you to identify eligible funding opportunities and craft compelling proposals. We offer a tailored approach, meticulously developing every aspect of the grant application to meet your unique needs and improve your chances of success.
  • Comprehensive Support
    From initial consultations to the final submission, we can help with end-to-end support throughout the grant application process.


Make Your Sustainability Goals a Reality

  • Don’t let funding constraints hinder your sustainability initiatives. Leverage our team to secure the grand you need for a greener, more efficient future. For more information or to schedule a consultation with our grand proposal experts, please contact us.