Navigator NVX-Series

Setting the Industry Standard

Powerful • Efficient • Cutting Edge

Welcome to the Future

Designed to outclass competitors in every way, the NVX-Series brings unmatched power, efficiency, and operational effectiveness to your industrial rail applications. Not only does this cutting-edge machine boast the largest power and drivetrain in the industry, but it also features patented stabilizing rail gear technology, providing an all-encompassing solution for your railcar moving needs. From power to compatibility to operational cost savings, the NVX-Series is engineered to perform at the highest level and sets new benchmarks in the railcar mover industry.

Patented Stabilizing Rail Gear for Tighter Curves

Innovative. Efficient. Powerful.

One of the standout features of the NVX-Series is its patented stabilizing rail gear. This innovation allows the railcar mover to navigate tighter curves with ease, providing unparalleled flexibility, and enhancing safety by ensuring stable, secure movement on curved tracks.

Largest Power and Drivetrain in the Industry

The largest power and drivetrain in the industry.

When it comes to muscle, nothing beats the NVX-Series. Engineered with the largest power and drivetrain in the industry, this railcar mover can tackle the most demanding tasks with ease.

Standard AAR Couplers

Wide range AAR sliding couplers are air released and hydraulically positioned to improve pulling performance on curves and grades.

The NVX-Series isn’t just powerful, it’s also compatible with industry-standard AAR couplers, allowing it to couple just like a traditional locomotive. This feature streamlines the integration of the NVX-Series into your existing rail operations.

Consistent Tractive Effort for Increased Traction and Braking

No double coupling is required to maximize tractive effort.

Unlike steel-wheeled competitors that use “Double-coupling” to inflate their tractive effort numbers, the NVX-Series offers consistent and predictable tractive effort for predicable and reliable railcar moves.

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Reduced Operational Costs

Revolutionize your operations, maximize efficiency, and minimize expenditure with our state-of-the-art railcar moving solutions.

  • Lower Maintenance Costs
    Designed for longevity and easy maintenance, the NVX-Series has lower upkeep costs compared to traditional locomotives. Easy engine access allows for hassle-free preventive maintenance, reducing downtime and extending the lifespan of your investment.
  • Fuel Savings
    The NVX-Series is engineered for maximum fuel efficiency, which translates to tangible fuel savings over traditional locomotives. Lower fuel consumption without compromising on performance? That’s the NVX-Series.

Additional Features

  • Full-width Cab with Rotating Operator Console
    Just like our SWX-Series, the NVX-Series features a full-width cab with a rotating operator console for improved visibility and safety.
  • Two Air-Ride Operator Seats
    Operator comfort is also a priority, featuring ergonomic, air-ride seats for a comfortable and alert operating experience.
  • Air-Knife Adverse Weather Rail Drying System
    Operational reliability is enhanced with the advanced “Air-Knife” system that dries rails in adverse weather conditions.
  • Rubber Tires for Smooth Operations
    The NVX-Series also pulls with rubber tires, offering a smoother and safer operational experience compared to steel-wheel competitors.
  • Advanced Control Systems
    Intuitive and automated controls simplify operations and reduce operator fatigue.

Elevate Your Rail Operations

The Shuttlewagon NVX-Series doesn’t just meet industry standards; it sets them. Upgrade to unparalleled power, efficiency, and safety. Make the safe move today. For more information or to request a demo, please contact us.