The Commander NXT

The next generation of railcar movers.

The future is now!

The Future is Now!

Introducing the Commander NXT, the next generation of railcar movers that revolutionize the industry with its superior design, class-leading features, and trailblazing technology. The NXT doesn’t just meet expectations; it redefines them, setting a new standard in the realm of rail operations.

Reimagining Space and Vision

Innovative. Efficient. Powerful

With its innovative sliding cab option, the NXT improves line-of-sight around rail cars by positioning the operator 4 inches farther than its predecessor, the Commander SWX. This extension provides a broader visual field, enabling more precise and safe maneuvers.

Safety is at the forefront of the NXT’s design. The cab features large windows, a rotating operator station, a minimal height hood top, and high-definition cameras, ensuring full machine visibility. The NXT comes equipped with 14 LED lights, offering enhanced visibility and safety for night operations.

Modern Cab

A revolutionary leap forward in safety and efficiency.

Inside the NXT’s modern cab, we’ve incorporated an upgraded user interface, ergonomics, and creature features for a seamless operating experience. The fully adjustable, air ride-enabled seat is designed for maximum comfort, while the layout provides full machine control without requiring the operator to leave their driving position. This design aids continuous operation, irrespective of rotational position.

Joystick Control and Steer-By-Wire

Bringing a heightened level of precision and responsiveness to the operator’s control.

Innovative joystick controls paired with steer-by-wire technology place precise handling directly in the operator’s control. The joystick’s ergonomics improves the user experience and also allows operators to adjust the throttle and braking response so they can fine-tune the machine to fit their desires.

Cummins Stage 5 Engine

Meets the highest EPA emissions standards while reducing service touchpoints for easy maintenance.

With the incorporation of a state-of-the-art Cummins Stage 5 engine, the NXT-Series meets the highest EPA emissions standards, making it the cleanest diesel engine available today. The innovative machine design simplifies service access to decrease preventative maintenance downtime.


A system meticulously engineered to optimize tractive effort, minimize wheel slip, and significantly extend tire life. 

Shuttlewagon’s patented ShuttleLaunch system is a cutting-edge feature that maximizes tractive effort, minimizing wheel slip, and extending tire life. ShuttleLaunch takes control during rail car mobilization by monitoring the NXT continuously to prevent wheel slip and ensure the load’s most efficient movement.

Enhanced Telematics and Diagnostics

Enabling seamless tracking, analysis, and communication.

The NXT-Series delivers with more sensors and available data than its predecessor, the Commander SWX. The NXT’s cloud network connectivity provides better visibility of the machine’s performance and remote troubleshooting.

Narrower and Capable of 60 Degree Curve

Specifically engineered to navigate tighter spaces with ease. 

The NXT-Series provides game-changing capabilities through difficult site applications with a narrower width than its predecessor, the Commander SWX, which allows for operation in nearly all tunnel applications.