Commander SWX-Series

The Original Revolution in Rail Operations

Designed to complete up to 35,000 lbs of tractive effort from one coupler.

Powerful • Versatile • Dependable

Welcome to the Shuttlewagon Commander SWX-Series: the original pinnacle of railcar mover innovation. Engineered with advanced technology and customer feedback in mind, our SWX-Series offers a seamless blend of comfort, safety, and operational efficiency. From the full-width cab with rotating operator console to the “Air-Knife” adverse weather rail drying system, the SWX-Series is designed to meet and exceed your every expectation.


Unparalleled Safety and Visibility

Full-Width Cab and Rotating Operator Console

Safety should never be compromised. With the full-width cab, you not only get a panoramic view of your work environment, but the rotating operator console also allows the operator to have optimal visibility in both pulling and pushing modes. This drastically reduces blind spots and improves situational awareness, significantly enhancing the safety of both operators and surrounding personnel.

Ultimate Operator Comfort

Two Air-Ride Operator Seats

Long hours can be grueling in most industrial settings, but with our two air-ride operator seats, you’ll experience the pinnacle of comfort. The ergonomic design ensures that the operators remain alert and at peak performance for longer, reducing the risk of operator fatigue and related incidents.

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“Air-Knife” Adverse Weather Rail Drying System

Powerful air-knife increases capacities up to 50% in adverse weather.

Rain or shine, your operations shouldn’t halt. The Shuttlewagon Commander SWX-Series comes with an advanced “Air-Knife” system that effectively dries rails in adverse weather conditions. This ensures a reliable grip and safer operations during inclement weather, allowing you to maintain schedules and operational efficiency.

Smooth Operations with Rubber Tires

Better traction than a steel wheel.

While most traditional railcar movers use steel wheels, the Shuttlewagon employs rubber tires for pulling. This not only provides a more comfortable ride but also reduces wear and tear on both the railcar mover and the tracks. The rubber tires provide excellent grip and distribute weight more evenly, allowing for smoother and safer operations.

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Easy Engine Access for Preventive Maintenance

We keep it simple for you.

The SWX-Series is engineered for both performance and ease of maintenance. The engine compartments are designed to be easily accessible, making preventive maintenance a straightforward process. By simplifying the maintenance procedures, the SWX-Series ensures a longer life span and lower total cost of ownership.

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Additional Features

  • Fuel Efficiency
    The Tier 4 engine is designed for maximum fuel efficiency without compromising on power.
  • Advanced Control System
    Intuitive control panels and automation capabilities make it easier than ever to operate.
  • Durability
    Built to withstand extreme environmental conditions.

  • Reduced Noise Levels
     Innovations in design reduce noise pollution, contributing to a more comfortable work environment inside the cab.

Make the Smart Move Today

Experience the future of railcar moving with the Shuttlewagon Commander SWX-Series. Invest in safety, efficiency, and comfort. For more information or to request a demo, please contact us.