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Shuttlewagon offers Classroom & "Hands On" Training

Shuttlewagon Operator Training

Properly trained operators are one of the biggest factors that could ensure increased safety and reduced cost of ownership for your operation.

Shuttlewagon offers training with factory direct trainers across North America. Operator training is critical to safe operation of your Shuttlewagon railcar mover. We offer training with every machine we install and suggest once a year training on-site training for new and experienced operators.

Our operator training consists of classroom and in-cab time with experienced trainers direct from the factory where they work side by side with engineering and manufacturing teams.

Shuttlewagon Training - mobile railcar movers - hands on training - classroom training
Classroom Shuttlewagon Training - mobile railcar movers


  • Safety
  • Component Familiarization
  • Daily Inspection Procedure
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Operator console
  • Fundamentals of Railcar Moving and Spotting
  • Shuttlewagon Operation
Shuttlewagon Training - mobile railcar movers - hands on training - classroom training


  • Walk Around: Safety & Equipment Inspections
  • Features & Component Location
  • Operator Maintenance Responsibilities
  • Shuttlewagon® Controls & Indicators In-Cab Tour
  • Road/Rail Operations
  • Mounting & Dismounting the Rail
  • Coupling & Uncoupling of Railcars
  • Shuttlewagon/Train Air Brake Systems
  • Railcar Maneuvering & Parking Techniques
  • General Rail Safety & Best Suggested Practices
  • Q & A on Hands-On Training

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