Offering more standard safety features than any other brand.

Safety is the cornerstone of our operations at Shuttlewagon. We integrate comprehensive safety features into our mobile railcar movers and maintain a culture of safety in all our practices.

Leading with Safety Innovations

  • Innovative Braking Systems
    Our use of Infinite Range Train Air Brakes offers maximum brake control.
  • Design for Safety
    Our railcar movers are designed to minimize risks, with features like no heavy “weight transfer” coupler beams or folding tires, which eliminate dangerous pinch points.
  • Enhanced Visibility
    We ensure true 360° visibility in our designs, supplemented with camera systems to increase situational awareness.
  • Operator Training
    Safety training is included with every machine, ensuring operators are well-equipped to handle our equipment safely.

Integrated Safety Features

Our commitment to safety extends to every feature of our machines

  • Full-width pass-through cab on every model, visual and audible warning alarms, and a 180-degree rotating console for optimal operational safety.
  • Advanced telematics for shock-load/impact monitoring, ensuring immediate response to any safety concerns.
  • Industry-leading ‘Red Zone’ space, fewer pinch points, and easily accessible service points for safer maintenance procedures.
  • Features like anti-skid deck plate and wide, accessible ladders, ensure operator safety even in adverse conditions.

Our Safety Culture

The safer choice

At Shuttlewagon, safety is not just about advanced technology; it’s about creating a culture where safety is ingrained in every aspect of our work. We encourage our employees to be vigilant and proactive in reporting any safety concerns. This commitment extends to our suppliers and partners, ensuring that every element of our supply chain adheres to the highest safety standards.

Continuous Improvement

We are constantly innovating and improving our safety features and protocols. By staying at the forefront of safety technology and practices, we ensure that Shuttlewagon remains a leader not just in railcar moving solutions, but in industrial safety as well.