Efficient • Economical • Environmental

A Revolution in Sustainable Railcar Moving

This all-electric, zero-emissions marvel is redefining the landscape of rail operations in the United States. Capable of pulling up to 25 loaded railcars with its state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries, the NVXe-Series isn’t just a step into the future—it’s a giant leap.

The First and Only All-Electric Lithium-Ion Railcar Mover in the United States

Fast charge!

In a class all its own, the Shuttlewagon NVXe is the only railcar mover in the United States to feature lithium-ion electric technology. This pioneering innovation puts us head and shoulders above the competition and places your company at the forefront of sustainable operations.

Significant Fuel Savings

Low operating costs

Say goodbye to escalating fuel costs. The all-electric NVXe-Series operates at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional diesel-powered movers or locomotives. By eliminating the need for fossil fuels, you’re not just making an environmentally conscious choice, you’re also opting for considerable financial savings.

Unmatched Power: Pull up to 25 Loaded Railcars

Tractive Effort: 45,000 lbs (200kN) single coupled without weight transfer to loaded or empty railcar.

Who said you have to compromise on power to be sustainable? The NVXe-Series proves that you can have both. Engineered for power as well as sustainability, this all-electric machine boasts the capability to pull up to 25 loaded railcars. Experience remarkable tractive effort that doesn’t compromise on efficiency or environmental responsibility.


A Commitment to Sustainability

For companies deeply committed to environmental sustainability, the NVXe-Series offers the ultimate solution. Operating with zero emissions, this all-electric railcar mover directly contributes to reducing your company’s carbon footprint. Elevate your corporate sustainability initiatives and fulfill your environmental goals with a machine designed for the future.

Industry-Leading Features, Now in Electric

  • Patented Stabilizing Rail Gear for Tighter Curves
    Just like our NVX-Series, the NVXe comes equipped with patented stabilizing rail gear, allowing for the navigation of tighter curves and enhancing operational flexibility.
  • Full-width Cab and Rotating Operator Console
    Maintain the same high level of safety and visibility featured in our NVX and SWX-Series with the NVXe’s full-width cab and rotating operator console.
  • Two Air-Ride Operator Seats
    Operator comfort is uncompromised, thanks to the ergonomic, air-ride seats identical to those found in tour NVX and SWX-Series.
  • Rubber Tires for Smooth Operations 
    Experience the smooth, reliable performance of rubber-tire operations, reducing wear and tear on both your railcar mover and the tracks.

Pioneer the Future of Rail Operations with Shuttlewagon NVXe

The Shuttlewagon NVXe All-Electric Railcar Mover represents a groundbreaking shift towards clean, efficient, and sustainable rail operations. Make the smart move today. For more information or to request a demo, please l operations. Make the smart move today. For more information or to request a demo, please contact us.