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Shuttlewagon Rentals

All of Your Railcar Mover Rental Needs in One Place

We Are Your Railcar Mover Rental Specialists

At Shuttlewagon Rentals we know railcar mover rentals are critical to your business, that’s why we only rent railcar movers. All we focus on is getting you the best machine.

That means we help you find the most reliable, comfortable and efficient option available. We offer various sizes of railcar movers with a tractive effort of 27,000 lbs to 85,000 lbs for rent for all industries anywhere in the USA.

Don’t know the exact size you need? Give us a call at (816) 767-0300, and one of our sales specialists can provide a no strings attached Shuttlewagon Track Survey for your application and match you with the exact railcar mover you need.

Shuttlewagon is a factory-direct manufacturer of railcar movers. We own and operate our fleet of rail car movers and rent them nationwide. If you prefer a different brand, we carry other brands in our rental fleet as well. Shuttlewagon units are being rented all around the country.

Shuttlewagon Rentals - Rent a Mobile Railcar Mover from us - Nationwide Fleet of mobile railcar movers for rent - trackmobile, railking, switchmaster, navigator, electric series, commander - railway vehicle mover

Why Rent Your Railcar Movers from Shuttlewagon?

  1. WE RENT RAILCAR MOVERS, THAT’S IT – That’s all we do. All our focus is on building and renting the most reliable railcar movers.
  2. RENT NATIONWIDE –  We are factory direct, and our rentals are in operation all around the country.
  3. BEST MODEL & CAPACITY SELECTION – Our rental fleet machines come in various sizes with tractive effort capacity from 27,000 lbs. to 85,000 lbs. That’s up to 60 rail cars depending on your application.
  4. FACTORY DIRECT RELATIONSHIP – We rent what we build! Shuttlewagon fleet consists of low-hour, and reliable railcar movers maintained to our standards.
  5. ON-SITE SERVICE – Our remote technicians service and maintain our fleet, and we do major maintenance at our factory.
  6. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY – Wondering how a certain railcar mover would perform on your application? Nothing is better than testing a machine before buying it. A rental lets you do just that, and a lease-purchase option lets you apply rental fees to your purchase price! Certain conditions apply.
  7. FLEX YOUR CAPABILITY AS NEEDED – Do you need additional units during certain months? Locomotive in service? We understand application requirements, and customer demands change. Call us to plan your rental.
  8. NEED A UNIT FOR AN EMERGENCY? – Unit down and need something immediately? Contact us to find out availability.
  9. LONG TERM RENTALS – Do you need a rail car mover for a longer period before purchasing a unit due to budget availability? We offer weekly, monthly or rental to purchase option rentals.
  10. NO MAINTENANCE COSTS – Renting a Shuttlewagon means you don’t have to worry about maintenance and repair services, service tooling, spare parts and time-consuming maintenance records. We do it all for you. Our rental agreements typically cover complete equipment maintenance.

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