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The Safer Choice

Shuttlewagon Mobile Railcar Movers

Shuttlewagon includes more standard safety features than any other brand. It’s important to keep safety measures top-of-mind, and to review best-practices frequently in order to avoid dangerous workplace incidents.


  1. Infinite Range Train Air Brakes for maximum brake control
  2. Service Safety – No heavy “weight transfer” coupler beams or folding tires creating dangerous pinch points
  3. Derail Prevention – No lifting rail car off the center pin
  4. True 360° Visibility with or without cameras
  5. Operator Safety – No cramped space for operators connecting train air hoses
  6. Training – Included with every machine
shuttlewagon mobile railcar movers - standard features and safety
Shuttlewagon Safety - standard safety features - shuttlewagon mobile railcar movers
Shuttlewagon Safety - red zone safe space above - mobile railcar movers


  • 360 degree view from cab
  • Full-width pass through cab on every model
  • Visual & audible warning alarms
  • 180 degree rotating console
  • Console slide for operator reach
  • Rail mode; operate from any side of machine
  • Automatic Engine Shutdown
  • Telematics with shock-load/impact monitoring
  • Overhead interior mirrors *
  • Surround camera system
  • 360 degree perimeter camera package *
  • Digital Video Recorder (DVR) *
  • Vigilance control *
  • Dead man switch *
  • Industry leading Red Zone space
  • Fewest pinch points across brands
  • Easily accessible service points
  • No need to block machine during maintenance
  • 13 exterior lights
  • Groundman crossover platform
  • Anti-skid deck plate
  • Wide top-to-bottom, accessible ladders
  • FCC licensed 450mHz remote control*
  • Switchman Remote Emergency Shutdown*

*Available as an option

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