Powerful • Versatile • Dependable

Drawbar Pull: 25,000 Ibs

Cummins 6BT5.9
Torque: 414 @ 1600RPM
H.P. 152 @ 2500 RPM

Caterpillar 3116DIT
Torque: 54 @ 1550 RPM
H.P. 155 @ 2400RPM

John Deere/Funk, bump-to-shift, constant mesh spur gearing 4 speed ocmputer controlled, (forward and reverse) for both road and rail, equipped with torque converter. Shift protection Downshift and forward/reverse). Front axle disconnect for road travel.
Gear & diagnostic LCD indicator.

First Gear:
0-2 mph
Second Gear:
0-5 mph
Third Gear:
0-18 mph

Two off-highway planetary drive axles. No spin differential front and rear. Steer axle disconnect for road travel.

Hydrostatic power steering.
Steering lock-out when on rail.

Road or rail. Eletric operated from cab. All drive wheels sanded for forward and reverse operations.

Tires & Rims:
Four 12.00R22.5 radial steel belted tubeless tires mounted on solid disc drop center rims.

General Specs:
Fuel Capcity – 50 gallons
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity – 30 gallons
Air Tank Capacity (rail brakes) – 8 CF
Air Tank Capacity (vehicle brakes) – 1.4 CF
Air Compressor – 50 CFM
Air Filter (Engine) – Dry rep. Elements Oil & Fuel Filters – Rep. Elements
Wheelbase – 92″
Width – 110″
Height – 130.5″
Length – 232″
Weight – 40,400 Ibs.
Ground Clearance – 10.5″

Service – four wheel disc brakes. Cast iron disc. Air-over-oil actuation from dual controlled operator’s station.
Parking – Internal running in oil disc brake. Parking brake indicator light in cab.
Rail Car – AAR connection for rail car brake system; cab mounted control valve, with two compressors developing a total of 50 CFM.

Rail Equipment:
24-3/4″ diameter rail guidewheels.
AAR standard 56.5″ (1435mm) rail gauge, mounted to frame. Control of guide wheels is from four hydraulic cylinders, automatically controlled and monitored from cab.
Paising empe sne ng ide sverse track condinsant
providing a smooth, quiet ride.

Dual rail couplers (AAR) with automatic latch, air operated unlatch, hydraulically positioned, controlled from cab. Non-weight transfer design w/coupler buffer system to reduce shock to car mover during coupling operation.

All-welded construction 4″ thick full-width and full-length deck plate. 3/8″ steel plate fenders integrally welded into one fram assembly.

Three man, insulated, all steel 56″ x 96″, rubber mounted. Dual windshield wipers with washer. Single
wiper on rear door. Dual controls for forward or reverse operation on rail. Side view mirrors with large mirrors front and rear of unit for rail operation. Dual air horns. Fully adjustable air suspended operatorseat equipped with safety belt mounted on 180° swivel seat. Two person passenger bench sear equipped with seat belts.
Anti-skid floor mats. 28,600 BTU heater with front and rear defroster fans. Two platform step ladders, one on each side of rear deck.

Gauges, Instruments & Alarms:
Modular dash panel design allows easy removal for service. Engine oil pressure gauge, water temperature, transmission oil temperature, fuel level, service brake air pressure, rail air brake pressure. Front and rear guide wheel pressure. Tachometer, voltmeter, hourmeter, automatic back-up alarm.
Alarms consist of: Low engine oil pressure, low service air pressure, high water temperature, low oil pressure front and rear rail gear. Straight ahead indicator.

Dimensions and weight do not include any optional equipment. Specifications are subject to change without notice.