Powerful • Versatile • Dependable

Drawbar Pull:
36,000 lbs

Diesel -Cat 3208T
Net Horsepower: 250 @ 2600 RPM
Net Torque: 640 lbs/ft @1400 RPM

Full powershift transmission with 2.56 ratio torque converter, vibration dampener, cooler and filter, 3 equal speeds forward and reverse, road or rail.

First Gear: 3 mph max
Second Gear: 8 mph max
Third Gear: 19 mph max

Four wheel drive through heavy-duty off highway rated planetary drive axles.
Rear axle no-spin equipped.
Front axle disconnected for road travel

Hydrostatic power steering.
Steering lock-out when on rail

For road and rail. Electric operated from cab. All drive wheels sanded for forward and reverse operations.

Tires & Wheels:
Four 14.00 x 24 Load Range “L” Tube Type tires on drop center rims and solid disc wheels.

General Specs:
Fuel Capacity – 50 gallons
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity – 20 gallons
Air Tank Capacity (rail brakes) – 11 CF
Air Tank Capacity (vehicle brakes) – 2 CF
Air Compressor – 100 CFM
Air Filter (Engine) – Dry rep. Elements Oil & Fuel Filters – Rep. Elements
Wheelbase – 98″
Weight – 63,000 lbs.
Ground Clearance – 12″

Service – four wheel cast iron caliper air over hydraulic disc brakes.
Parking – Manual activated drive line 14″ disc brake
Rail Car – AAR connection to rail car air brake system; cab mounted A-9 control valve, independent of vehicle brakes

Rail Equipment:
Ryd-A-Rail 22″ diameter single guidewheels.
AAR standard 56.5″ (1435mm) rail gauge, mounted on four hydraulic cylinders, automatically controlled and monitored from cab.
Ryd-A-Rail suspension and vehicle suspension are independent, allowing ample slexing for adverse track conditions and providing a smooth, quiet ride.
Dual rail couplers (AAR) with automatic latch, air operated unlatch.
AAR railcar air brake connector system.

All-welded construction 24″ @ 94 lbs. structural I-Beam with 7″ steel splate decking and 2″ steel plate fenders, integrally welded into one assembly. Wide profile safety steps on all 4 corners with handrails.

Three man, all steel 56″ x 96″ offset, insulated, rubber mounted. Safety glass throughout, full glass front & rear. Dual controls for forward or reverse operations. Dual windshield wipers front and single rear, washer, side view mirrors. Dual air horns, air suspension adjustable 360° swivel seat. Sound-deadening (acoustical foam lining) anti-skid insulated floor mat. 35,000 BTU/hr heather with front and rear defroster fans.

Gauges, Instruments & Alarms:
Oil pressure, water temperature, transmission oil temperature, fuel level, service brake air pressure, low air alarm, rail air brake pressure, Ryd-A-Rail guidewheel pressure, tachometer, ammeter, hourmeter, automatic back-up alarm, low oil and high water temperature alarms, straight ahead indicator.

Dimensions and weight do not include any optional equipment. Specifications are subject to change without notice.