Powerful • Versatile • Dependable

Drawbar Pull:
36,000 lbs.

Cummins 6CTA 230H.P.
Transmission and Torque Converter:
Powershift w/ steer axle disconnect.
3 speeds forward and 3 speeds reverse.

Planetary front drive axle. Planetary rear drive axle. No spin differential on front and rear axles.

Caliper disc brakes, air/hydraulic power.
Disc drive line parking brake, mechanical operation. Rail car air brake system with A-9 valve and 11 cu.ft. reservoir.

24″ structural channel
Steering: Hydrostatic with steering lock out for rail use. Straight ahead indicator.

Rail: Ryd-A-Rail, hydraulically operated.
Road: 10.00 x 24 10 hole disc wheels with
14.00×24 tires

Hydraulic System:
35 gallon hydraulic tank with sight gauge. Two hydraulic system filters, suction strainer/return filter.
Sanders: All four wheels, sands four wheels all directions.

Pneumatic System:
36 FM air compressor system. Two 1205 air reservoirs. Railcar air brake system with A-9 valve and 11 cu ft reservoir.

Operator Cab:
Offset, 3 man steel cab. Left and right side view mirrors, front and rear view mirrors for rail positioning. 2 front air windshield wipers, windshield wipers, safety glass, 35,000 BTU cab heater and dual defroster fans, electric rear window wiper. Non skid insulated floor mat, dual entrance doors with key locks. Steering straight ahead indicator, dual vehicle brake controls and dual accelerator pedals. Wide profile steps with lights. Air ride suspension seat with seat belt, swivels forward or reverse. Padded 2-man bench with seat belts. Engine block heater.

Electrical & Lighting:

105 amp alternator. Two maintenance free batteries. 12 volt, 1250 CCA. Sealed beam headlights, two rear stop/tail lights, turn signals with four way flashers, two cab dome lights, dashboard instrument lights, roof-mounted amber strobe light, rail wheel lights, coupler lights, parking break indicator light. Circuit breaker protection for electrical system.

Warning and Safety Devices and Gauges:
Electrical tachometer, hour meter, voltmeter, water temperature, engine oil pressure, transmission oir temperature, hydraulic pressure, fuel level, air pressure, key type starter switch.
Dual air horns. Safety glass all windows. Neutral start switch.
Alarms consist of: low hydraulic pressure, low air, backup warning, low oil, high water temperature.

Hydrostatic steering with steering lock out for rail use.
Couplers: Two rail couplers with draft gear and remote uncoupling. Hydraulic coupler positioners front and rear.


Actual drawbar pull obtained varies with rail and weather conditions. Dimensions and weight listed do not include any optional equipment. Specifications are subject to change without notice.