Powerful • Versatile • Dependable

Draw Bar Pull:
46,000 lbs.

Cummins QSC 8.3 U.S. EP Tier III (electronic)

1,008 @ 1500 RPM
300 H.P. @ 2200 RPM

John Deere/Funk DF250 four speeds forward and reverse for both road and rail. Constant mesh-spur gearing, electronically controlled. Flex plate connects torque converter directly to engine flywheel. Automatic or manual gear selection. Shift protection (downshift and forward/reverse). Operator panel shows gear, direction and transmission diagnostics.

First Gear: 0-2 mph
Second Gear: 0-5 mph
Third Gear: 0-9 mph
Fourth Gear: 0-18 mph

Axle Tech (formerly Rockwell). PSC 826
Heavy Duty planetary drive steer axle front and rigid rear axle. Mechanically locked differentials in both front and rear. High pressure disc brakes.

Rail Equipment:
24-3/4″ diameter cast steel heat-treated rail guide wheels. AAR standard 56.5″ (1435mm) rail gauge, mounted to 4″ coupler base with four bolt pillow block style clamps. Control of guide wheels is from four hydraulic cylinders, controlled from the cab. Rail suspension and vehicle suspension are independent, allowing ample travel for adverse track conditions and providing a smooth, quiet ride.

Service – Air over hydraulic actuated high pressure disk brakes with Haldex pressure converter. Foot control located at drivers station for road travel. Hand vehicle brake control located on instrument panel for behivle brake control on rail. Vehicle brakes use ABS while on rail.
Parking – Disc brake running in oil located internally on output shaft of transmission. Transmission cannot be shifted into forward or reverse without parking brake on.
Rail Car – Two compressor system, one engine driven and one hydraulically driven producing up to 56 CFM. AAR Glad hand connections located front and rear. Lever operated pressure control and emergency stop on dash panel. Rail brake valve protected with safety filter for harsh environments.

Dual cast steel full size (AAR) couplers with automatic latch, cab controlled air-operated unlatch. Non-weight Transfer design w/coupler buffer system all operating conditions and alarms. Main operating screen to reduce shock to car mover during coupling operation. Coupler and box is hydraulically positioned from side to side with controls located instrument panel inside cab.

General Specs:
Fuel Capacity – 80 gallons
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity – 50 gallons
Air Tank Capacity (rail brakes) – 48.5 gallons
Air Tank Capacity (vehicle brakes) – 10.5 gallons
Air Compressor – 56 CFM
Air Filter (Engine) – Dry rep. Elements Oil & Fuel Filters – Rep. Elements Wheelbase – 98″
Width – 120″
Height – 144″
Length – 247 “
Weight – 72,000 lbs.
Ground Clearance – 10.5″

10′ full width cab constructed of galvanneal steel, mounted on rubber isolation bushings, at opposite end from engine to reduce noise. Cab has two doors located at the rear. Four electric wipers, two on front windshield and one on each rear doors. Rearview road mirrors, each side of cab. Two front rail wheel mirrors, one per wheel. Rear coupler and rail wheel mirror. Console is mounted in the center of the cab and can be swiveled to allow operation from either side. Hand throttle, hand vehicle brake, and train brake located on console. Console extends to operator as desired and allows easy reach when looking out the side windows. Air ride seats on both sides have side travel to allow easy viewing out side windows. Tilt steering column adjusts out of the way for rail operation. 360 degree cab visibility with filtered outside air supply and 46,000 BTU heater. Defroster fans at each corner. All glass tinted with darker tint on side windows to reduce solar heat gain. Padded rubber floor mat is diamond design for easy cleaning. One ladder per side with crossover walkway at rear end. Ladders have inclined steps with breakway bottom step.

Four wheel hydraulic power steering for both front and rear axles. Steering is locked out when on rail. Straight ahead steering indicators.

Electrical and Lights:
12 Volt starting and lighting with 145 amp alternator. Two sealed beam headlights, forward and reverse direction. Two tail and stop combination lights, forward and reverse direction. Turn signals with four-way flashers. Cab interior dome lights and spot lights to illuminate instrument panel. Two amber strobe lights. Spot lights for ladders, rail wheels, couplers and corner markers. Two heavy duty maintenance-free batteries. Automotive fuses and circuit breakers provide protection for electrical system.

Tires & Rims:
Four 14.0024 radial steel belted tube type tires mounted on solid disc three piece contruction type rims.

Gauges, Instruments & Controls:
Heavy duty operator panel with color display, push buttons, and warning light. CAN bus system allows direct communication with engine and transmission for display of all operating conditions and alarms. Main operating screen displays fuel level, transmission gear, rail pressure, engine speed, vehicle speed, oil pressure, coolant temperature, transmission temperature, battery voltage. Message window, with light and buzzer, alerts operator of important events and alarms. Rail gear is controlled with operator panel push buttons. Duplex rail brake reservoir and brake pipe gauge.