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Standard Features

On All Commander and Navigator Models

  • Air-knife adverse weather rail drying system
  • Anti-lock braking system
  • Dynamic traction control
  • Exterior mounted cameras and cab monitor to view couplers & rail wheels
  • Full width cab with rotating operator console
  • Two air ride operator seats
  • 90 Gallon fuel tank
dual monitor dashboard - shuttlewagon mobile railcar movers - standard features and safety

180-degree rotating console with a multifunction display. Dual four-way air suspension seats for operation from either side of cab when in rail mode.

coupler - shuttlewagon mobile railcar movers - standard features and safety

Wide range AAR sliding couplers are air released and hydraulically positioned to improve pulling performance on curves and grades.

sander box - shuttlewagon mobile railcar movers - standard features and safety

Pull out sander boxes with wide mouth lids for easy loading. Air activated sanders for smooth dispensing.

air knife - shuttlewagon mobile railcar movers - standard features and safety

Powerful air-knife increases capacities up to 50% in adverse weather.


Get all the information you need to monitor and manage your Shuttlewagon while it’s on the move or in use. All on a single screen, accessible anytime from any computer or device with an internet connection.


What information matters most to your business? Customize your Mobile Equipment Manager dashboard for quick access to Shuttlewagon location and runtime data.


Receive alerts by text or e-mail when pre-defined conditions are met (Excessive runtime, machine parameters, or Shuttlewagon movement into or outside of the geo-fence). Notifications may be escalated and/or sent to multiple contacts.


Replace manual processes and paperwork with electronic reporting tools that you can access anytime, from anywhere to make better business decisions with insight into actual Shuttlewagon usage.


Know how long your Shuttlewagon was running to decrease maintenance costs and improve reliability.


Be notified when your Shuttlewagon leaves a designated geographical area to eliminate losses due to theft.


Get real-time GPS location data for your Shuttlewagon, displayed on the familiar Google Maps interface. Bread crumb reports show a historical view of asset locations.

laptop viewing a web browser - manage your shuttlewagon from a web browser - shuttlewagon mobile railcar movers - standard features and safety

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