New Compact Electric Railcar Movers

Shuttlewagon- powered by Colmar - all electric series - mobile railcar movers - zero emission, all-electric railcar movers

Shuttlewagon Announces New Zero Emission, All-Electric Railcar Movers

Kansas City, MO – January 6, 2020 – Shuttlewagon announces the addition of the SWXe series of compact electric railcar movers to its expansive line of mobile railcar movers. The SWXe Compact Electric Series adds seven new all-electric models to Shuttlewagon’s growing portfolio of diesel railcar movers, and the all-electric NVXe.

The new models range from 310 tons of towing capacity up to 4,000 tons and are ideal to meet the needs of all customers who are looking for easy to operate, low maintenance, and efficient railcar movers. Shuttlewagon is collaborating with Colmar Technik S.p.A. to provide the most complete offering of electrics in the industry. The new electric segment complements the existing Shuttlewagon Navigator All-Electric Series designed for higher tractive effort conditions, such as when companies need to move up to 40 loaded or empty railcars.

“The Compact Electric Series is yet another example of our innovative spirit at Shuttlewagon. These products complete our offering below our smallest diesel offering and allow us to provide our customers with more choices in addition to our already expansive line of railcar movers,” said Oz Gocmen, VP of Sales, Shuttlewagon. “The partnership with Colmar gives Shuttlewagon the ability to go to market fast with proven technology.”

Shuttlewagon has been an innovator with Commander and Navigator models in mobile railcar movers since 1972. Colmar’s history manufacturing rail equipment goes back to 1967 with the development of its first Colmar Railroad Loader.

Pre-orders for the new SWXe series railcar movers are available now. Visit or call (816) 767-0300 to receive more information or to get an appointment scheduled with one of Shuttlewagon’s Rail specialists. Visit to learn more about Shuttlewagon’s new line of compact electric models.

Shuttlewagon is a division of Nordco, Inc. Nordco provides an extensive selection of products and services that make it possible for rail-related industries to improve their transportation and its product velocity safely. Nordco, established in 1926 and headquartered in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, has a long history as a manufacturer of new and rebuilt railroad Roadway Work Equipment. Today the company’s product line includes in-house and on-site machinery inspection and repair, mobile railcar movers, ultrasonic rail flaw testing equipment and services for railroads and other industries, and on-site service and replacement parts. Nordco operates manufacturing facilities in Oak Creek, WI, Beacon Falls, CT, Kansas City, MO, and Arcola, IL.


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